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Diversity in YA Contest!

The Diversity in YA bloggers are doing an epic summer reading contest and are giving away a TON of books to the winner!  If you’re interested, read more about the contest here:

Have fun!


The Fault in Our Stars

So, John Green is awesome.  And his newest book, The Fault in Our Stars, is coming out May 1 2012.

But that’s not the best part.

According to his tumblr (, he is going to sign every single book in the first printing.  That means that if you preorder The Fault in Our Stars, you are going to get a book authentically signed by John Green.

I’m going to go order mine now.

I have nothing against Justin Bieber.  I even think his music is kind of okay, especially now that he doesn’t sound so much like a girl.

What I’m talking about is the crazy pre-teen fangirls.  When I was 11, Jesse McCartney was the big thing.  (I didn’t like him then and I don’t like him now.)  All the girls thought he was “cute” or “hot” and listened to his songs all the time.

A few years later, the Jonas Brothers had hit the scene.  They were cute, squeaky-clean, and there were 3 of them!  Knowing whether a girl liked Nick, Joe or Kevin meant you knew all about her personality and what kind of guys she was drawn to.  The Jonas Brothers packed out concert stadiums full of screaming girls and were ubiquitous (look it up).  And for all the girls whose parents wouldn’t take them to a concert, there was the Jonas Brothers concert movie.

Now it’s Justin Bieber.

There are a lot of “J”s on this list.  It’s my blog; I’ll be random if I want to be.

Anyway, Justin Bieber is the current big thing.  He’s the one who’s packing out stadiums, making guest appearances on TV shows, and making his own concert movie (what is up with that, anyway?).

So, for all the Bieber haters: don’t worry.  In three years, Justin Bieber will go the way of his predecessors and the next generation of pre-teen girls will have found a new heartthrob.

Preferably one whose name does not start with “J”.